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Manga News: Mugen Spiral - Volume Single Review

Manga News: I had purchased the original two volume set a year or so ago, mostly because it had a cute demon on the cover, more so than my giant love for shoujo. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a cute love story. The omnibus that Tokyopop has recently put out has combined the two volumes into one thick volume, meaning that you can get the complete story with one purchase.

The protagonist is Yayoi, a sixteen year old girl who is 78 in the line of Suzuka mystics. When we meet her, she’s struggling to face a demon. We don’t get to see her tame the demon and when we meet Prince Ura, the demon prince in question, we find him sealed away by the cat god’s rosary, stuck in the form of a small black cat. He can still converse with Yayoi, and he assures her that he will eat her powers and make himself king of the demons, saving the current king who is dying.

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