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Tribute: FullMetal Alchemist

Anime-Culture Writes; "9 years. Has it been really that long since I’ve followed the adventures of the Elric brothers in their quest for redemption? This month, the final chapter of the manga has been published which ends the journey of the Elric brothers"...

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klado4496d ago

What did you guys thought of this end...was tight just not my type, sweet sixteen of an ending, but glad to see them all happy toguethes, just the first adaptation was more umm, has more weigh, it took me by surprise and couldn;t stop thinking for about three for four days after I watched it, then the movie made it even more tragic which is my kind of good ending, I mean it wasn't a happy ending not a bad ending, where as this one was just...foreseeable.

Anyway, recommendable manga, would love to buy every tomes if it ever land into my country.