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Tokyo's Nonexistent Youth Bill Voted Down in Committee (Updated)

The General Affairs Committee of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly has voted down the bill to regulate sexualized depictions of "nonexistent youths." The bill would prohibit sexualized depictions of "nonexistent youths" — such as in manga, anime, games, and other materials — from being sold to minors. Committee members from the Democratic Party of Japan (the largest faction in the assembly), the Japanese Communist Party, and the Tokyo Seikatsusha Network party voted against the bill. According to the Asahi Shimbun paper, the bill also faces defeat before the entire assembly on Wednesday.

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klado4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

LOL, one thumb up for japan, fck them all(meaning of those bill's creator).

Not a lolicon, but, the fck that would ruin the whole japan thing about some manga's source to make jokes from, or better say ruin it all, so fail whoever create this stupid bill to prohibit NON-EXISTEN characters that looks like child to stop existing, sound so narrow minded, like if that would issued what is happening in our world, save the child(what child precisely)? they should have think of that about a couple of decade ago, when the whole stuff was taking its air.

Parents should be the responsible of their mingers, and not blame this artistic genre, make it solely for adult(should do), but BAN it!!!