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Robotech Wiki Launched

A wiki has been created for Robotech, an American television adaptation of several popular Japanese anime shows, notably Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross.

Robotech is infamous for drastically altering its component series in order to create a cohesive story across three otherwise-unrelated series. Many Macross fans, in particular, see Robotech as a sacrilige and view parent-company Harmony Gold's frequent attempts to prevent the localization of Macross titles (most recently Macross Frontier) outside of Japan.

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Archaic3638d ago

Ugh. Not another bloody Wikia. How Wikia manages to maintain its image with all the crap they get up to, I have no idea. How any serious fandom can consider locating a wiki on them, I don't know.

Full Disclosure: In addition to being the Site & Community manager of AnimeShinbun, I am the webmaster of Pokémon fansite Bulbagarden, with us having refused buyout offers from Wikia for our Pokémon Wiki the Bulbapedia on a number of occasions, including one only a couple of months ago. I'm also the founder of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, a growing group of independent wikis opposed to Wikia's business practises.

seijuro3636d ago

A bit confused here. Never bothered too much about where the db on a particular anime/manga/game was hosted before, but I have found some useful ones on wikia before. What exactly do you mean by the crap they get up to?

Archaic3636d ago

To save me repeating myself, here's the manifesto I wrote for NIWA, which should give you a bit of an idea.

Additional information about some of Wikia's practises can be found on the Transformers Wiki, which had a rather public split with Wikia

Gestalt3629d ago

Whoa, you help operate Bulbapedia? Good show, my friend!

seijuro3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

@Archaic Thanks, that was informative. And excellent site you got there.