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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2- E3 2010: Naruto vs Kakashi Gameplay (Cam)

It's huge! Is that all, Kakashi sensei? Find out in this gameplay from the show floor of E3 2010!

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jwalkerz4485d ago

since when can kakashi do fireball attacks

klado4485d ago

He control the four elements if I don't bad remember, see the shipuden games where he cast a four dragon technique of the four elements, water, fire, etc...

Remember, since he posses the sharingan that could be another outlet of a reason to seeing him using such jutsus.

Myst4485d ago

Awesomeness I need to pre-order this, liked the first one and this one just seems even more fun. Always trust Cyberconnect 2 with Naruto games :p