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Anime is a Social Drug

Fuzakenna Writes; A lot of my friends are stoners, and nine times out of ten they smoke with a group because it’s more fun than doing it alone. We can all relate – while there may be anime fans out there who’re content with enjoying it alone, you and I are clearly not those fans, as proven by us being here right now. We like discussing anime with other people, but just like you won’t get far around potheads if you don’t know the difference between ‘dank’ and ‘chronic’, you won’t get far discussing anime if you aren’t up to speed on the shows that get talked about...

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jwalkerz4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

who would want to watch an anime show that they dont like just to talk about it with friends

Gestalt4485d ago

The title is misleading on the meaning of the article.

Given, if I don't like an anime, I won't watch it. But if someone brings it up in a conversation, I don't get a sudden urge to watch it just so I can discuss. I simply ask the person who knows about the said anime to fill me in... which is, obviously, a lot more simpler, and wastes less time.