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Manga Life: Deadman Wonderland v2 Review

Manga Life: Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou apparently decided to follow-up on their excellent debut volume Deadman Wonderland Vol 1 with a balls-to-the-wall action fest that never lets the reader breathe for even a second until the final page is turned. And that is awesome.

In volume two Ganta wakes up in a hospital, enjoying the only rest he is going to get for the rest of the comic, under the tender care of Shiro who is busy eating all of Ganta’s snacks. The peace lasts only a few pages however, as Officer Makina initiates the robot Necro Macro to bring Ganta down. Makina has had experience with others wielding Ganta’s blood-power before, and wants to eliminate him before he learns to control it.

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