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Almost Otaku: What Anime Would You Show Friends?

AnimeVice Writes; Oh Keneda, they just didn't understand you.
One thing I’ve been thinking about while writing these Beginner’s Guides is that old chestnut every fan thinks about. What’s the anime that’s most accessible for the non-fan? The title that’s a “gateway drug” to hook somebody right off the street who’s never watched a second of Japanese animation before?...

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jwalkerz4489d ago

naruto, bleach, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, eureka 7, k-on, haruhi suzyima, pokemon, lucky star, digimon, vampire knight

Gestalt4483d ago

I'm not sure, but K-On and Lucky Star seem a bit... over the top for non-fans, wouldn't you say?

Aikuchi4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

PRINCESS MONONOKE is kinda out there, I dont think I would recommended it to someone who has never watched anime. My first anime that got me hooked was Dragon Ball and Tenchi, but I don't think those would work ether.

How about Black Jack 21, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Big Windup, or Gunsmith Cat. I guess even School Rumble, R.O.D., or maybe Trigun. Oh yea I almost forgot about Cowboy Bebop and Last Exile.

Gestalt4483d ago

Darker Than Black.

That's just about the only one I could think of.