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TokyoPop Wants You, America's Greatest Otaku Needs Anime/Manga Fans Writes; In a little under two weeks, the TokyoPop Tour kicks off it's eight-week journey across America, in search of "America's Greatest Otaku." The deadlines for the first two stops on the tour, Los Angeles and San Francisco have passed, but there's still time left to apply for fans in Salt Lake City, Denver and 16 additional U.S. cities, plus the "at-large" title for any fans who aren't located near the tour route...

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Aikuchi4540d ago

I hate reality shows, theres very little reality in them anyway there all scripted.

So instead of watch Americas Greatest Otaku I will go read some mange, watch some anime, or play video game.

Gestalt4537d ago

I'm quite sure that everybody who's anybody would stay away from this like the plague.

Undoubtedly, we'll see our standard share of typical Naruto/Bleach/One Piece fans on there, and let's hope nothing else pops up that stirs controversy.