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Warner Bros. Mandate a PG-13 Akira

Original Gamer: "One of the most influential animes and the one that introduced the US to the culture, Akira is getting a live action movie. Now say what you want about Akira getting a live action movie, but with director Albert Hughes (Menace II Society, From Hell, The Book of Eli) behind the film, this movie might have a chance. Until the studio heads decide otherwise."

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Aikuchi4550d ago (Edited 4550d ago )

If your going to make a movie make the movie and take what ever rating it is given. WB is just hampering the movie, just look how Live Free and Die Hard turned out because they wanted a PG-13 rating.

polarbear4549d ago

Oh god, it's Dragon Ball all over again
Tetsuo is going to be some loser kid in highschool who gets bullied and randomly finds Takashi while riding his bike home.

squallheart4543d ago

i hope they dont ruin this movie ;-; I mean look at the anime. Did you see how much violence it had and some nudity as well. Granted, never read manga so im guessing that was more extreme.