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Almost Otaku: Is It Too Late To Stop Scanlations?

Animevice; So we’ve talked about scanlations more than a couple times here on Anime Vice, and that controversy’s continuing unabated. The latest turn in the ongoing drama (as Honolulu's Star Advertiser and CBR’S Robot 6 blog spin it) seems to be that the “all-star coalition” of manga publishers has made some headway in getting major scanlation sites like Onemanga, Animea and MangaFox to take down links to scans on their front pages.

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Alkaline12404483d ago

Yeah, I read scans. Sorry for being poor. lol.

klado4483d ago

So cus you are poor, you support that!, I use to read scanlation online from time to time(by your logic then I could be called poor) but can't get along with what there sites are doing to the industry, btw, if you are that poor, you should consider getting a job, instead of being complaining of being poor, wouldn't eat you.

Not hard to stop providing licensed material and stick to non licensed, but that seem hard to get by the community, lets the ball roll 'nd see how much til it stop.

Alkaline12404483d ago

I have a job. I just dont have the money to be spending on manga, especially with the amount that I read.

Archaic4483d ago

So you're an unashamed thief then?

It's one thing to read the scanlations of unlicensed series, or even to read the scans of the latest chapters of licensed series that you've been buying every book of as soon as they actually come out (legally problematic, but morally defensible, and the companies don't really mind so long as you are going and buying it after all), but to say that you don't buy manga because you read too much...frankly, it's people like you who are giving the rest of us a bad name. For shame. If you don't have the money to be spending to buy it, too bad. Learn to budget, and/or go get a better paying job.

Alkaline12404483d ago

yeah i read a lot, but not much is worth buying in my opinion. But some defiantly is. I intend to buy the entire Yotsuba collection. Most of the stuff I read dosent come out here anyway, like Elfen Lied. I would totally buy that. Its my favorite of favorite mangas.