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New Atelier Totori Screens Coming At You

DualShockers writes, "On this slow news day, here’s some snazzy Atelier Totori: Alchemist of Arland 2 screens to brighten up your afternoon. These screens show off some of the field, battle and alchemy screens in the game, and feature a few of the main characters. It’ll be a while before we see this particular title in Western regions, but it is pretty sure to make its way over here eventually. The previous title, Atelier Rorona, has been confirmed for a North American release this fall."

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Hitman07694539d ago

These are looking pretty good.

thevokillist4539d ago

Seriously. The screenshots make this game look like an actual anime.

Taran4539d ago

Those screenshots look interesting I might have to pick this up whenever it releases over here.

4539d ago
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