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Mania: Occult Academy Episode #01 Review


The last Anime-no-Chikara series that I saw was in the winter season with Soranowoto, which overall I liked a lot. Occult Academy has a similar kind of strong set of production qualities about it but it goes in a vastly different direction and one that's highly appealing. With the original character designer having only work on Moribito, there's a certain familiarity to his work and I really like his style, though there's an amusing little nod in the next episode preview that reminds you strongly of that series. What we get here, combined with the summary of the premise that Crunchyroll provides, is very intriguing and has me wanting to see more. With a show that's original and not an adaptation of another work, I'm always more excited to see what happens and Occult Academy avoids a number of basic manga to anime adaptation things that irk me. What we get is a show that's starting off strong across the board with plenty of potential to be had.

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