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Mom: Son in 'extensive therapy' after viewing library book

CRESTVIEW — A Japanese serial graphic novel genre popular with young teens has raised the ire of a Crestview mother whose teenage son got hold of an adult version of the genre from the Crestview Public Library.

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Xof4534d ago

As soon as I read, "Margaret Barbaree, founder of a citizens’ group called Protect Our Children," I figured this was a typical overzealous, pyschopathic cunt. Or bitch. Basically, the kind of human being who ought not have any authority or volume. Ever.

And then I kept reading.

Yup, that's what it was. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with people like her? Where's an Obama Death Camp when you need one?

Archaic4533d ago

Oi. Tone the language down.

Having said that...I certainly agree with your outbursts there. While Libraries do have a certain responsibility to see that children aren't borrowing out books highly inappropriate for them, libraries can't carry pornography to begin with, and the libraries are most certainly not going to discourage an inquisitive child from borrowing books from young adult or adult sections. If anything, they'd be encouraging it, trying to cultivate and support a love of reading in the kid.

I wonder if the child was really traumatised by this, or if it was just the parent who was "traumatised", and who then decided their child had to be put in therapy because he "couldn't possible cope" with what he read.

hamood4533d ago

i wonder what manga it is?

jwalkerz4532d ago

im sure it was a hentai manga

Archaic4532d ago

Would libraries actually carry anything like that? Something shounen with some fanservice maybe, but it's not like there's a lot of groups out there legally translating the H-manga stuff into English and releasing it on the market.

Alkaline12404533d ago

Im also curious as to what it is. Its probably Death Note or something...or it could be a manga version of Bible Black in which case she isnt exaggerating. lol.

Xof4532d ago

My money is on "Flame of Recca." It's old enough to be in a library, and there's some very brief nudity. Or Love Hina.

Hell, it could even be Azumanga Daioh. People like this... their crusades are seldom warranted. The only kind of hentai that could legitimately force a teenager into therapy would be... I dunno. Loli tentacle guro rape? I don't think that stuff ever gets out of Japan, on or offline.

Sweety85874532d ago

I call hyperactive, overly protective mother *shakes head* HOW bad could the manga be that the kid needs 'extensive therapy'? (Was it Gantz?) I swear. I'm ready to bet that the mom is one of those moms who goes "Oh my child has pneumonia!" when he lets out a random sneeze :\

But if it was a manga which has the violence, gore, nudity etc etc, it really ought not be available that easily to kids. Put in a different section or something really.

Archaic4530d ago

So, apparently what she was complaining about (according to Anime News Network) were
Psychic Academy - How could anyone possibly be in trauma over this one? This one makes me suspect religious whack-job overreacting to the "psychic" concept.
Gantz - Okay....fair enough that a kid shouldn't be reading this one, but the specific chapter she complained about had none of the brutal was the only one where you saw a nipple. *facepalm* what's coming out now, the manga was not only in a section away from the stuff for kids, but he also snuck it in his backpack rather than formally borrowing it out. is this the fault of the library? I think Gantz carries warnings it's not for children in the US, doesn't it? If he'd actually tried to borrow it, I expect they would've refused him.