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Mania Review: Chi's Sweet Home Vol. #01


Showcasing the life of a little kitten that's separated from its mother and ends up with a new family is both an easy and a hard sell. It's a very light book overall, though there's plenty of dialogue and certainly a number of stories here, and with the higher price because of the color it makes it less appealing to some manga fans to try out. On the flip side, it looks to be well priced for the kids book market considering how much material is really here and I'm sure that's why it's not in the Japanese format of right to left. Chi's Sweet Home made me smile throughout as she discovered her new home while still trying to escape to find her original home and mother. Chi's one of the cutest characters out there and you don't mind her being so cute. This is the first manga I've read in several years where I'm looking forward to the second volume.

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