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Anime News Network Review: Afterschool Charisma GN 1

Anime News Network:

While the science of genetics remains forefront in Afterschool Charisma, there's also an inkling of an almost supernatural-vibe that trickles its way in. Ever-present in the minds of many is the idea of a clone's destiny – specifically, if they're doomed to meet the fate of their original via universal karma. These notions take precedence among the students of this unique school after a delivered speech by a ‘newly’ appointed president. Eventually this leads the story's focal lead, Shiro Kamiya, to discover a group in his school who takes the fear very seriously, and for good reason. But that's far from being the bulk of this story as Afterschool Charisma takes on the psychological effects of teenage-clones while teasing at the political and ethical ramifications of their existence.

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