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Pre-Order Etrian Odyssey III, Get Art Book, Win!

DualShockers writes, "Atlus announced recently that, if you pre-order a copy of their upcoming DS RPG Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, you’ll get a snazzy pre-order bonus. This is one of my favorite things to get with pre-orders, especially with anime-inspired games – an art book. This art book, titled Etrian Odyssey – Forests of Eternity – is a whopping 60 pages of eye candy from the game itself and the concept art the developers used. What is most interesting here is that this art book isn’t just for Etrian Odyssey III, but showcases art spanning the entire franchise. So, it is definitely a treat for fans of the series and anyone else who wants to feast their eyes on it. If you want a preview of the art book, you can click here to check it out – it looks good!"

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Hitman07694464d ago

More beautiful art work Published from the folks that brought us many good titles.

Chadness4464d ago

I'm debating whether or not to pre-order this. I got way too much stuff to play lately. :(

Hitman07694464d ago

I can see why, you RPG fanatic!!! No wonder your avatar is never clean shaven, too busy with your head into some DS and PSP ;)