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Mania Review: Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #01


The opening episode of the series is pretty good but it hasn't managed to set itself apart too well from numerous other fantasy oriented shows, both in anime, manga and comic books. The show has a solid design to it but doesn't stand out too strong one way or another. There's definitely a hook in here of having one them drawn in to do the relic hunting through the commission of the Hero King and I liked that aspect of it as it put an interesting turn for Sion to play and for Ryner to take on. This first episode didn't knock it out of the park but it definitely got a first base run going here as I'm interesting to see where it may go as it starts to show more of its larger narrative and plot since they have twenty-six episodes to run with and a whole lot of source material as well. And even a mediocre fantasy show is better than no fantasy show at all considering how few decent ones there are overall.

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Xof4530d ago

I'm still disappointed it's not Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Guess I should still give it a chance, though....

Sweety85874529d ago

Agreed that while nothing really truely strands out per say but there is still enough intrigue in the first ep that makes you come back for the second ep. And after watching that, I'm even more intrigued and now REALLY wanna see episode 3 already

4526d ago