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Mania Review: Black Butler II Episode #01


Black Butler II starts off in a curious and strongly violent way that's really surprising. I had no idea what to expect going in considering it's so popular among young women, but it's got a great kind of brutality that's tightly controlled and elegant that's highly appealing. With a rich visual design to it, intriguing characters that I really want to know more about and hints of something larger from the start, Black Butler II has captured my attention. With this following the previous series but using different characters, though the originals do show up here, it's something that you can jump into and get while still having the knowledge that there's more to understand and learn if you watch that first series. It may not have the same impact without those episodes, but what we get here is certainly a lot of fun and I want to see where it will go. And it has me wanting to see the first series.

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