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Mania Review: Strike Witches Season 2 Episode #01


Strike Witches kicks off its second season while feeling very much like the first. It looks a bit slicker, a bit glossier, but retains much of what made the first what it was. Surprisingly, the panty-count is pretty low here until towards the end when the Striker units come out and Yoshika essentially commandeers one. The start of the season has a good slow build-up as it brings Yoshika back into the fold and hints at what the threat may be while also touching on her mysterious father just a bit more. Though it could have used a bit more background material on the first season to connect it a bit more, what we get here is likely to make a lot of fans happy as it starts to bring the cast back together for another go at it with panties, magic and a World War II theme against alien invaders.

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