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Mania Review: Giant Killing Episode #15


Giant Killing moves along in an interesting way with the ETU adding another win for the team and the return of a player that Tatsumi hadn't even factored in or really knew about it appears. Natsuki has a lot of potential, but watching how he's going to have to handle being on the ETU with Tatsum in charge is going to be problematic for him since it's a very different style than before. Natsuki doesn't throw a lot of uncertainty or concern into the mix overall, but it's something that can change how the team that's fielded will play. And Natsuki has to prove himself not only to the coach but to himself as well and there are those like Sera that won't want to lose his position to someone who has been gone for so long. It's a nice fly in the ointment to see how it will all be resolved.

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