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Otakon gets real: Vuvuzelas forbidden

Mike LeChevallier writes: "Alright, everyone. World Cup 2010 is finally over. Congratulations to Spain for taking home the trophy, and to all the losers: better luck in 2014. Life goes on, and 2010 still has many pressing matters to attend to. One of which is Otakon.

As you (should) know, Ben and Brad will be having their epic duel of fate somewhere on or around the premises. The convention planners setting up Otakon seem to have caught wind of this dramatic Japanator development, as they have formerly issued a con-wide banz0r on the ultra-annoying vuvuzelas. I guess they want Ben and Brad to be fully focused upon destroying one another, and not become subject to the incessant distraction of the horrid instruments.

So here's the deal:

Get caught with a vuvuzela on your person: WHOASH*T CONFISCATED LIKE WHAT.

Don't even think about sounding one of those bastards off, 'cause that'll get your ass tossed out faster than Inuyasha cosplay."

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Reibooi4461d ago

All I can say is thank god.

With all the kids who run around doing nothing but internet mimes I am sure there would have been PLENTY of people running around with those annoying horns just trying to piss people off.

It's a good thing they got banned BEFORE they became a problem.

Archaic4461d ago

I just hope they don't become common at other sporting events around the globe.

4460d ago