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Waltzing Macross – Song, Motivation, and Conflict in Anime

ExecutiveOtaku writes: "One of the main reasons why it took me so long to give any Macross series a try was because I was aware of how integral singing was to the plot of the original series. The idea of singing being a big part, and even a tool, of conflict just sounded ridiculous. Once I gave Frontier a try though I was able to see how it was worked fairly well into the show, having a physical effect on the Vajra, and then in SDF Macross how it wasn’t the music itself but the lack of Zentradi culture that made it effective. Even so, this role for music relies on very sci-fi concepts to work. But while the role of music in Macross and other anime series might seem ridiculous, fanservice, or a blatant attempt to broaden the fanbase that merchandise can be sold to, there may be some small connection to the real world at the core of the concept."

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