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Mania Review: Naruto: Shippuden Episode #168


This installment of Naruto was really good throughout, but it lost me a bit during its final portion of the battle against Pain as they went with the classic instrumental music that feels really out of place during such crucial moment. The first half of the episode was a really good section of character dialogue that can change how Naruto deals with just about everything after feeling so terribly alone all his life. The second half with the action is good, but it comes across as lacking something that made the previous fights so intense. It lacks a certain resonance to it, though it does play out well, it's just a bit rushed and without the serious import it had before now that Naruto is standing tall in a way he wasn't. It definitely feels like the show lost a bit of its wind in the sails as it finished out and Pain proved to be not as much of a match as he started out to be.

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Hitman07694464d ago

I was never a big Naruto fan :( I guess it's my loss.

dc14461d ago

Yes your lose :) .. The show is worth investing in.

jwalkerz4460d ago

he can always play naruto ultimate ninja storm 1 and 2 :D