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Only in Japan – Console Hotties Get All Touchy-Feely at Sega Slumber Party

DualShockers writes, "Now, normally I wouldn’t mention game pre-order bonuses from Japanese retailers, but I figured since we’ve been following this game here on DualShockers, it might be interesting to drool over a fancy art book, soundtrack CD or, well, pillowcase, that we may never see when the game comes out in Western regions. The (un)fortunate thing in this case is it is none of the above. In fact, the bonus itself is something pretty docile – telephone cards. It is what’s on the telephone cards that might require you to change your pants.

After the break you will be presented with the telephone card artwork you would receive as a pre-order bonus for Super Dimensional Game Neptune.

[Note: Possibly NSFW, depends if your workplace is offended by scantily clad anime girls with lesbian tendencies.]

The game drops exclusively for the PS3 on August 19 in Japan. You better hope to god it comes stateside."

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Hitman07694457d ago

Hot hot hot, this is something interesting; a take on the consoles war against privacy but told through personified console goddesses who are definitely easy on the eyes.

Taran4457d ago

I guess they are going with the "sex sells" approach. I can't say its a bad idea.

Chadness4457d ago

That's pretty much standard for any game release of this type in Japan. Not that I mind...

frjoethesecond4454d ago

While true to a degree, that's still a closed-minded way of looking at it.
It's more like certain developers add sex appeal and certain publishers encourage them while others shy away and find other means of appealing.