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Mania Review: Chi's Sweet Home Vol. #02


While there's a trip to the vets in store for Chi this time, she has some other fun hurdles to face as well. But she also has a lot of fun, fun that really does delight the reader because of the way in which Kanata draws her characters and how they react to it. Life through Chi's eyes is full of wonder and magic and cow milk that she can't get enough of. Chi's the epitome of the cute kitten who is learning about life and her world but it also manages to make the other characters just as enjoyable. It's the kind of family book that doesn't grate on you as the human characters are fun and play well with each other and Chi in a way that makes you smile. Chi's Sweet Home is the book that you use to convert you non-manga and non-comic reading fans into at least trying one book and making them a part of Chi's Brigade. Highly recommended.

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