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One Manga Online Manga Reader Closed!

Anime Evo Reports:

"Popular online Manga reading site,One Manga, has been brought offline by the recently formed Manga Publisher Coalition/Group. Made by Viz, Tokyopop and Yen Press and some 36 Japanese Manga Publishers..."

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SynGamer4517d ago

Sad. There are other sites though, and like torrent sites, something else will pop up. The owner of, I would hope, has a few backups of the database and will pop that up elsewhere sometime in the future.

Reibooi4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

Sad? No this was well deserved. Whats sad is the artists who create all this manga never seeing a cent because so many people are to cheap to spend a few bucks on a real copy. That is sad. Not some douche who decides to put up a website and steal the manga for their own profit.

The owners of One Manga are lucky all they had to do was shut down the site and that the don't face legal action as pretty much every manga artist would be totally in their right to sue the hell out of them.

A site like One Manga is total Scum. They steal from people who steal. Someone does a scanlation(itself stealing) and the One Manga takes that and puts it on their site. That's pathetic. Sites like that need to die and go away so the artists have at least a decent chance to make money off of the manga they create.

Archaic4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

Agreed. The scanlation aggregators have no place within our larger fandom. All they could accomplish would be to get us in legal trouble, especially with many of them continuing to carry licensed material (even scans of the actual Tokyopop, etc, volumes). No problem with scanlations of non-licensed material, but keep those distributions to individual scanlator group websites, torrents and IRC channels where they belong, and don't attempt for a moment to make a cent off those scans with advertisements.