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Where to Find Discounts on Anime

Inside AX: "Let’s face it, for us otaku, buying anime can become very expensive at times. However, there are ways to buy the anime you want and still save money. I will help provide you with some helpful tips on how to search for deals on anime, as well as provide you with my list of the places where I buy my anime for discounted prices far below retail. Just because we’re in a tough economic time, who says you can’t enjoy some discounted Japanese anime goodness?"

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Reibooi4453d ago

The best place to buy anime is Right Stuf. They always have some kind of sale going on. As soon as one ends a new sale begins and these are like 30-60% off sales. Really good deals.

You can find pretty good deals on Amazon as well but you have to keep in mind that if you are buying from a seller and not Amazon direct there is a good chance that you could be buying a bootleg.

This is also the reason one should not use Google to try to find good deals because most of the incredible deals Google will find for anime are from sites selling bootlegs from China. The quality on these releases suck and they really aren't worth being cheaper on top of the fact that none of the real companies see any profit from a bootleg.