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Sexy Bayonetta turned into super cute chibi plush

It’s fair to say that Bayonetta is by far the hottest witch to ever appear in any videogame, and has really become one of Sega’s best new IPs in years. With that said, it’s really no surprise that talented gamers show their love for her in many ways, from art to well done cosplay outfits, and now a Bayonetta chibi plush doll.

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dizzygamers4514d ago

That Bayonetta plush looks kinda cute, but a litte cheap. Is that really made by SEGA?

IrieMars4512d ago

If you read the article it was made by a fan, but the fact that you ask if it was made by Sega is probably a good thing. Sega should really make this, I would buy it if it was available.

lscott454512d ago

does she come with all the guns from the game? that would be awesome

derkasan4512d ago

In before "Do you want to touch me?"

kghapa4511d ago

How more attractive can Bayonetta get?