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Inside AX: Catching Up with Okashi Studios

Jason Young of Inside AX: "I recently traveled down to Hayward, California to catch up with the founders of Okashi Studios, Andrew and Colleen Chew, to talk about their game and recently released demo."

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Reibooi4454d ago

Interesting to be sure. The game sounds interesting enough.

However the art style is worrying. It's the typical trying to look Japanese while failing miserably.

rezznik4454d ago

Well, I've been following the project for a while and the problem to me is that they started when their primary artist was only in high school. I'm sure that they would be much more capable of doing a better job had they started today, but you can only redo your artwork so many times; otherwise, it'll take forever for a release.

I would much rather have them just release the thing than having to start everything over from scratch.

Reibooi4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

That could well be a reason behind but redoing probably wouldn't make much of a difference. It would look better but would still have that look of something trying to be Japanese but isn't.

It's actually a issue in alot of stuff that tries to be influenced by anime or manga.A good example would be the show The Boondocks. While the show looks good you can tell just by looking at it that it wasn't created in Japan or by a primarily Japanese group. It just has that somewhat off look to it. Another good example would be the game X-Blades. They tried to make it look like anime but it really doesn't look right.

Alot of things try it and it's something in the culture that prevents someone not from Japan being able to 100% replicate the art style from Japan. Only a few things have managed to over come it. Avatar the last Airbender is one of them. It was obviously anime influenced but they mixed it with a more western look and the result looked great.

It's better to use a unique are style rather then try to do what the genre at large does.