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Haruhi Season 2 Anime Delayed, More Gundam 00 Coming


Bandai's September solicitations have rolled out this afternoon and half of it looks like their August solicitations. That's not too much of a surprise considering their release in August of the second season of Haruhi is now pushed back a month to the middle of September, resulting in a no-release month for August for Bandai Entertainment when it comes to anime. On the positive side, they have several new licenses to work on going forward, when just a few months ago they had almost nothing, so there are some positive signs for the company if they could actually make street dates, something that will take time to win back the trust of many fans.

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dizzygamers4456d ago

I see that, but from that title it sounds like there's another new gundam 00 coming out. Maybe you could make it two separate post so people won't get confused.

JL4456d ago

I can only submit things how sites write them up. You guys seem to forget it's OTHER sites writing these stories. Not me.

Xof4456d ago

...And, apparently, the person marking a report as "fixed" without changing it. Disagreeing=/=fixing.

JL4455d ago

No I'm not the one writing the summarization. I can simply copy and paste from the source. And what I copied and pasted there is the entire "article" (minus the chart). In fact, if anything is wrong here, it's your report. You can't report ME for a problem you have with the source site. If you'd read the article you see it is CLEARLY marked in the story that they're talking about DVDs. Hence the big DVD logo. I marked as fixed cause there's nothing to fix. I can't rewrite the article for the source site as I have nothing to do with them. Are y'all people really that dense? Geez.

STONEY44454d ago

Woah what? Haruhi Season 2? Where have I been -_-

frjoethesecond4454d ago

In a hole apparently. Been waiting for the dub but I guess I'll keep waiting.

Archaic4454d ago

Yes, Haruhi season 2 is quite old news. How did you manage to not hear about the Endless Eight fiasco? ^^;

STONEY44453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

Mmm I just realized that this has to do with the licencing for it. Somehow I missed BANDAI even though it's the first word. I always forget to consider Haruhi 2009 as the second season since more than half the new "series" was nearly the same *cough*Endless Eight*cough*. I wonder if they're gonna bring the Disappearance movie here too, that more than made up for Endless Eight.