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Bandai Teases Otakon Announcements

Mania: "While Bandai Entertainment is not free of problems, as any new solicitation sheet from the company invariably shows a new delay or two of a title, the company is definitely improving in the eyes of fans as the summer season wears on. "

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Reibooi4449d ago

I would like them to announce the Tales of Vesperia movie. It kinda makes sense really considering it would be a cheap license and is also part of a pretty popular franchise.

capn_crunch4449d ago

How about a bluray edition of TTGL already. :)

Reibooi4448d ago

Doubt that's gonna happen to be honest. While I LOVE Gurren Lagann it didn't do very well in the US.(that's why Aniplex released the movies and not Bandai themselves) Bandai also hasn't released Blu-ray for extremely popular series like Code Geass and R2 and Gundam 00 despite the fact that the Japanese side of the industry got these sets months if not years ago.

If all the bad behind the scenes news we have been hearing about Bandai is true, I.E being on the brink of bankruptcy it would not make sense for them to do Blu-rays.