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Japanator Discusses: Dai Sato rants on the state of anime


Today's topic comes from earlier in the week, when storywriter Dai Sato vented some of his frustrations over the current state of the industry in Japan. And Sato's word carries weight, as he's one of the pens behind such works as Ergo Proxy, Wolf's Rain, Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, Eureka 7, Samurai Champloo, and - perhaps most famous of all, Cowboy Bebop.

Sato had much to be concerned about, to say the least. He raised the issue of the industry's dependence on outsourcing "grunt" animation work to foreign subcontractors, to which he attributed a decline in consistent quality and a lack of investment in the actual production (since many subcontractors know next to nothing about what they're animating). He even stepped up to accuse Japanese studios of refusing to teach these foreign workers vital creative skills, out of a desire to keep Japan's position dominant.

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