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$100 Dollar Hello Kitty Water?!

Nerd Reactor: Got about $500 bucks just laying around? Well give it to me; if not, you can buy yourself some pretty fancy schmancy water. The makers of Hello Kitty have recently plastered their lovable character’s face on bottles of water and are charging $100 dollars a pop. Now for $500 you can buy all 5, or you could just buy them one by one, either way, you save no money at all by buying the set. This is not the first time Hello Kitty’s face has appeared on bottles of water.

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Archaic4438d ago

Surely $100 has to be a misunderstanding or something. He must mean 100 yen....even obsessive otaku wouldn't pay $100 for a bottle of water. Though if they priced it like the Final Fantasy potion, it'd probably sell well.

jwalkerz4438d ago

this has to be the bset water if it cost that much

GodsHand4438d ago

It's the same water they used in Waterboy the movie with Adam Sandler, it always stays cold.