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Upheaval in the Manga Industry: Piracy, Scanlations, and the Future of Digital Manga

In the past few years the manga industry has experienced upheaval, to put it lightly. A number of seemingly unconnected, but pressing, issues have turned into a perfect storm of sudden, dramatic change. Online manga piracy, generally conducted in the open on sites that contain thousands of pages of copyrighted work, finally reached the point where publishers could no longer turn a blind eye to other people profiting off their work. Falling manga sales resulted in a series of layoffs and shuttered doors around the industry. And finally, digital comics went from something off in the distance to being very real. To borrow a phrase, the future is now, and several companies have been caught flat-footed by the changeover.

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Archaic4437d ago

Good riddance to bad rubbish. The sooner we see the birth of Crunchyroll style models for manga and the remaining manga aggregators vanish, the sooner we'll start to see the scanlation community return to something closer to its much more ethical roots.