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Anime Instrumentality: K-ON2! Original Sound Track Vol. 1 – Review

zzeroparticle writes: "I had plenty of misgivings going into this album. K-ON!’s soundtrack is an utterly dull affair that showcases composer Hajime Hyakkoku’s ability to swamp the listener in an endless flood of aural tedium, but in K-ON!!, you’d hope that he’s learned from the experience. So credit where credit is due: Hyakokku shows signs of promise with this soundtrack, and the result of his hard work is an album that is a marked improvement over the first season’s. The music is livelier and you can actually feel the energy that Hyakokku channels though the rhythm and tempo. These efforts aren’t enough to propel K-ON!!’s score into the upper echelons of music that come from the slice of life genre, but it’s listenable on the whole, and that’s a step in the right direction."

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jwalkerz4445d ago

i have the soundtrack. its great