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Inside AX: Utada Hikaru to go on Indefinite Break in 2011

"In what happens to be a rather….interesting and slightly disturbing chain of events, all starting with someone named Aya Hirano, it appears that 2011 is going to be a very interesting year for j-pop. The latest victim? Kingdom Heart’s vocalist, Utada Hikaru."

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Reibooi4428d ago

I think she has earned her break for as long as she wants. I mean she has been going none stop for nearly 10 years with no real breaks and in that time has become one of the most successful singers ever(the only place she is having trouble breaking into is the US but most other places she is VERY big).

Kinda odd how this article puts a negative spin on this. It wasn't like she was forced out or something she choose to take a break and she probably needs it. It's really hard to have a good personal life when you are going non stop on music and various other things. That's more then likely what she wants to do while she is on this break.

Myst4428d ago

I agree looking back at everything she has done she should take a break, I mean for one she should probably try and get back with either her ex-husband or find someone else. I feel kind of bad for her mainly because they split due to their work schedule. She definitely needs some of that 'me' time.

blackbeld4428d ago

Hmmm. Good for her but sad for fans like me.

I would like to hear more songs from her.

Let it be a short break please. "First Love" is still my favorite I hope she can make more songs like that.