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DramaFever Announces Moyashimon Stream and Funimation Partnership

DramaFever, a fast growing streaming media portal dedicated to Asian primetime TV dramas has announced a new partnership with Funimation whereby the portal is currently streaming the live action Moyashimon adaptation and will stream new episodes of the adaptation every Thursday at 2PM CST/3PM EST.

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Noctis Aftermath4427d ago

Funimation are lame, they block anyone outside the US from watching their videos.

Reibooi4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

Your lame for not knowing how region rights work. Funimation doesn't block people outside the US on purpose they HAVE to. Funimation normally only acquires the US streaming rights for a show meaning only those in the US will be able to view it. It's something nearly every streaming site does. It's similar to how DVD had regions. Funi can only stream to areas of the world they have the rights to do so.

The reason Funi doesn't get the streaming rights to other parts of the world is because they don't sell to other parts of the world. Streaming is basically an advertisement for the DVD and if Funi isn't selling the DVD's in a certain part of the world they have no reason to spend thousands more dollars to get the streaming rights for that part of the world. Think about it. Would you pay extra on Streaming rights for

If people care so much they can import the DVD's or wait for a company in their area to get with it(like Manga in the UK for example)