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Worst Cosplay Failures

In most cases, we are getting great things from the fans such as cosplays or fan-made movies, but on the other hand, there are things that are made by fans that do not look that great, as they should. Here is some pictures of the latter one.

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jwalkerz4058d ago

thats a really good cosplay of toph bei fong

polarbear4057d ago

I really hope they don't consider that Toph cosplay bad because of her feet, otherwise they don't know anything about the character.

Overall, these could be a lot worse. The skinnier ones have terribly made costumes while the fatties have better made ones, at least they're not combined often in these pictures.

setsuken4057d ago

Woah... some of those pictures have left everlasting scars on me....

Sashamaz4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

How does that constitute for bad cosplay.

Anyway a lot of those are hilarious

Alkaline12404056d ago

yeah, im still trying to understand why they think the Toph cosplay is bad.