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Anime Evo: Durarara!! Review

Anime Evo:

Every once in a while, you’ll find yourself watching a show that’s so unique, different and extremely good at what it does that you won’t be able to help but be amazed at the creativity involved in it. The Winter 2009 Anime, Durarara!! is definitely one of those shows. It’s safe to say, there’s nothing like it in the current anime landscape, and it’s a god send and a real rare gem in a time where we get so much of the same moe blob (Lucky Star/K-On! clones) or fan service (Ikkitousen, Kanokon e.t.c) shows coming at us in packs.

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delayedreaction4425d ago

Amazing series, but didn't it end like 2 months ago?

4418d ago