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Mania DVD Review: My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 Part 2

My Bride is a Mermaid lacks a little something that made the first set so much fun and part of that is because a large part of it is a test for the two leads by Shiranui. As a comedy, the show proved itself in the first set and that kind of material carried through easily into this one. The serious side of the show comes in the form of the parents who are trying to understand their kids, but that often leads to humor and fun as they make things worse in their own awkward way. There's a whole lot to like with this set in general as it lets the supporting cast shine well, particularly the class rep and even Mikawa at times, and it gives us more of Chimp having fun with being a lackey. Comedy shows are pretty hit or miss in general but this one is far more a hit than a miss and one that has replay value and is worth owning.

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