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Natsume’s Book of Friends Review | WhenSpamAttacks

WhenSpamAttacks writes: "Natsume’s Book of Friends follows the interesting life of character Takashi Natsume. It starts with Natsume running through the woods, being chased by something only he can see. It gets explained while he’s running that he has always been able to see strange things, like ghosts and youkai. He seems to encounter more youkai than anything else. As Natsume is trying to escape, he is mistaken for his grandmother, Reiko Natsume, who also had strong supernatural ability, that had passed away. Natsume breaks a seal in his escape, accidentally releasing a youkai that holds the form of maneki neko, which he eventually dubs Nyanko-sensei."

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SynGamer4456d ago

Does anyone know if works on mobile phones? I have an hour long break coming up in a couple hours and was thinking of checking this out. Would like to know before I go to the cafe for free wifi or if I should just wait until I get home.

FFXI1014456d ago

I liked Natsume’s Book of Friends, I bought the dvd with sound track. Is a good anime.

Archaic4455d ago

I don't see any reason why it shouldn't. The only problem would be the huge amount of data that the videos would take up, and the potential for lag.

SynGamer4455d ago

Thankfully I have unlimited data and a Galaxy S phone. Lag shouldn't be an issue, was just wondering if anyone else had used it. I tried it out and it wasn't the best way but it worked. Would love to see an official app for the site for Android.