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Get it while you can: High School of the Dead is on PSN

Japanator: Wanted to experience the fanservice-filled zombiefest that is Highschool of the Dead, but lacking in a subscription to The Anime Network? You were largely out of luck, with regards to officially-sanctioned means of viewing.

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derkasan4373d ago

Fanservice is a nice way of putting it...

arkhamz1234373d ago

If I had a ps3 I would so get this, It's pretty good.

tacosRcool4370d ago

It is good. Good thing they will have a second season

setsuken4373d ago

Great show, so getting this on PSN =D

VandimionX4372d ago

I started watching it expecting another mindless queen's blade, but was surprisingly impressed with the actual story, (not so much the fan service however, too over the top most times), gonna buy it on PSN also!

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