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Hokage Naruto, New 6 Minute Trailer for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Hokage Naruto will be a playable character in the latest version of Ultimate Ninja Storm.

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jwalkerz4380d ago

minatos is a beast. everyone is going to use him online now after seeing this trailer

VandimionX4380d ago

Hokage Naruto is best Naruto imo ;3

Alkaline12404379d ago

did I miss the hokage Naruto? All I saw was Minato.

oNIXo4379d ago

That isn't hokage Naruto, it his sage form. When he goes to fight Pain that's what he looks like. If you think that version is cool, look up what happens when his mom helps him control the 9 tails.