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Library Wars: Love & War Vol. 1 Review | WhenSpamAttacks writes: "Library Wars is a light novel series by Hiro Arikawa that was adapted into a manga by Kiiro Yumi in 2007. There were two manga adaptations, one aimed at shojo audiences and another at shonen. Viz Media picked up the shojo title and began releasing English volumes in June of this year. An 12 episode anime was released in 2008 that was followed by an OVA later that same year.

The premise for the story is that Japanese government passed the Media Betterment Act that allows the government to ban any media determined to be harmful society, with agents going out and confiscating books, etc. Local governments set up a counter agency to combat the MBA, that are essentially para-military forces through the libraries, to protect information and to keep things from being taken by the government. Hence the Library Defense Force."

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SynGamer4425d ago

As someone who worked in a library for 2 years during high school (and loved it!), this sounds awesome :D

dgroundwater4425d ago

Lol I have to laugh at the idea of an anime reaching out to the librarian audience. Then again Read or Die seems really cool I should watch that.

SynGamer4424d ago

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like that great of a manga, but the concept interested me at least. I'll have to get a copy and read the first volume sometime.