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Who is the Anime Market?

Anime Evo:

Recently, if you’ve noticed, as Moe has started to fade away, and the trend seems to be moving away from slice of life moe girl shows, a new trend is popping up. Anime is getting more and more bold with every new season. Ero (Japanese for Sex) is getting more and more of a staple of nearly every show. Show after the show, even the really good ones, are adding a ton of fanservice a long with the gore, interesting story and intriguing characters.

The market wants a meaningful story, interesting believable characters, and they also want to see the skin, sex and the romantic moments from a more adult perspective. Is that wrong? Well no, if its just some shows, and if that’s just a part of the market. And that really brings us to the answer of the question that I’ve been leading up to for a while. Who is the market for Anime?

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pinkyxyz4362d ago

its supposed to be for everyone, but it seems like they're seriously trying to cater to the generic otaku in japan. Americans like me......not so much. UNLESS its something like Bakemonogatari. Those kinds of shows minus the loli factors in 1 arc are excellent and keep people like me ages 21+ interested in the genre as a whole

setsuken4361d ago

I think in many ways, and what the article points out, is that the REASON the market is the Otaku in Japan is because that's where studios are making the bulk of their money.

I think we tend to generalize and paint Anime studios as evil, saying they're just using sex to sell their shows. But really... it might be because they really need to make money and that's all the otaku want XD

dgroundwater4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

I will give almost any kind of show a chance. From GitS to K-ON, and almost everything in between. The only demographic I can't get into is the Shonen action shows like Naruto. I had DBZ as a kid and I have little desire to pick that stuff up again.

As for the market as a whole? I think shows like Spice and Wolf can prove that anime can break out from it's generic trappings with mainstream appeal and still win over anime diehards. If only a show like that could be aired on American TV and be successful. Now that would be great.

setsuken4361d ago

I think that's very true. But its becoming more and more of a rarity. Compare the number of ero or moe shows to the number of good unique shows like Spice and Wolf, Full Metal Alchemist, Code Geass e.t.c, and you'll see a HUGE different in the amount.

I think its hard too make Anime be dubbed and overly successful, as a lot of anime is just very japanese in nature XD

tacosRcool4361d ago

Show that entertain me are show for me