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Anime Evo: The World God Only Knows 03 Review

Anime Evo: As per usual, The World God Only Knows amazed and astounded me with it’s storyline, humor and overall look into the realm of dating sims. And let’s face it: how can anyone not like a dating sim? I for one will admit that I’ve played my fair share of them (and failed miserably, I might add) and Keima is only strengthening my love for the genre of video games.

We open this week with Keima and Elcie (who sadly doesn’t make much of an appearance this week T3T ) overhearing an argument between Moi and her chauffeur/bodyguard. He’s scolding her for spending her 10,000 Yen on soba noodle sandwiches because not only will they all spoil before she can eat them, but it was her entire allowance for the next four months.

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