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The Great Exodus

"Perhaps I'm a bit late to the party, but I've recently discovered that Wikia is forcibly converting all of its hosted wikis to a simply atrocious new template. The current, very clear and easy-to-navigate template (Monaco) will be removed forever."

"Having just established a Legend of Galactic Heroes wiki a few months ago, I am not exactly thrilled by this news. And neither are a great many other wikis, all of whom are currently stuck between a rock and a hard place: do they try to find a new host; do they try to make do with the terrible new template; do they simply abandon the wikis so much time and effort has been invested into?"

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Archaic4368d ago

I'd love to approve this, but I have a conflict of interest. I'm one of the movers and shakers behind NIWA, which has picked up 3 wiki's from this so far (SmashWiki, Pikipedia, and Pikcanon-NOT), with several more still in the wings.

Got to say, Wikia really screwed the pooch on this one. They've just lost WoWWiki, which was responsible for the majority of their traffic and profits. Ouch.

I see the list of wiki's in this article is a bit off though. Most of the ones cited have already left. The Transformers Wiki left in *2008*. See the link database at Wikia for more details.