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Persona –trinity soul- Part 2 Review (’s Raymond Herrera reviews the second part of the video game inspired anime series, Persona –trinity soul-, which takes place after the events of Persona 3 starring a new cast of characters.

“The overall story of part 2 picked up the pace from part 1 and offered a much deeper look into the main cast of characters as Takuro, Kanaru and Megumi all receive an episode where some of their past is revealed and those watching really get a sense of their character and learn how they came to be the way they are now.

While the option for English dubs does hurt the series a bit the Japanese voice cast does a great job once again with their characters and they all match their characters well.

While the ending could have been better for fans of Persona this is really an anime worth at least looking into and while part 1 may move a bit slow part 2 makes up for it with a deep story filled with twists and turns that will keep the person watching entertained from start to finish.”

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