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Anime Evo: Otome Youkai Zakuro 04 Review

Anime Evo: I was mildly surprised to find that this episode actually didn’t focus on Zakuro, but I didn’t mind in the least. It’s nice to know that they’ve gone to the trouble to go into depth on the other characters, especially the other girls. So yay! More Susukihotaru in this episode! :D

This week we start off with an image I won’t soon forget; Amegaki and Riken practicing their kendo. Shirtless. Hallelujah for small favors. We then see Zakuro sitting on the balcony, watching Amegaki and Riken, no doubt inwardly drooling over the shirtless hunks below. Susukihotaru appears, startling Zakuro and causing her to stomp off when Amegaki waves to her (she seems to do that a lot, doesn’t she?) Riken glances at Susukihotaru and she flees, visibly flustered by him.

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